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You’re expected to maximize the performance of each person on your team! Leading them will challenge you every day—and call on you to constantly develop new skills and capabilities to survive.

Join Dave Brock as he guides you through every step of front line sales management, steering past the obstacles and keeping you clear of the pitfalls—all while giving you the tools you need to become the leader you are meant to be.

More than just a how-to manual or rah-rah advice book. The SALES MANAGER SURVIVAL GUIDE is an honest step-by-step compendium of insight, example, exercise, and above all experience in what it takes to survive and thrive as a great Sales Leader.


“This is THE Go-To Resource for sales managers!”  Mike Weinberg, Author of Sales Management Simplified



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Early Praise For Sales Manager Survival Guide


“This is a Survival Guide for one of the most challenging positions that you will ever tackle in the sales arena. And Dave Brock has given you the knowledge, the tools, and the answers (even though he may not think so) needed to master one of the most satisfying roles you will ever have.”  Mitch Little, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Applications, Microchip Technology, Inc.

“Today’s front-line sales managers face an deeply challenging “double jump.” They must not only adjust from selling to managing, but do so in a commercial environment vastly different from the one in which they themselves succeeded as a seller.  Both moves are crucial; neither is easy.  Dave Brock provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to make that change, avoid the traps, and successfully navigate the most important role in any sales organization.”  Brent Adamson, Principal Executive Advisor, CEB, Co-Author, The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer 

“The most critical job in any sales organization is the front-line sales manager…it is also the hardest role.  Revenue rises and falls on the character and competence of these folks yet their craft is mostly learned through trial and unfortunately error.   If you are one of those rare folks willing to have your identity up on a scoreboard quarter after quarter, you need an operating manual.  Dave has built one for you”   Alex Shootman, President of Field Operations, Apptio

“Having had the privilege of employing Dave Brock as a consultant many times over the years at Viasystems, he is definitely someone you will never forget.  His hands on knowledge and experience coupled with his enthusiasm, energy and knack for cutting right to the chase is what we have benefitted from and now others can as well with the release of ‘Sales Managers Survival Guide.’  A must have valuable resource guide for all sales managers! ” Rich Kampf, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Viasystems

“When I got my first sales manager job, a trusted friend and mentor told me, ‘There’s a big difference between being a leader and being a manager. You need to be both if you want to really succeed in this job and in your career.’ I wish I had this book then, because Dave deals with both. Rather than a sterile, academic treatment of the subject, Dave brings concrete, real-world, actionable substance to the subject born from his stellar experience as a manager himself along with lessons learned in helping hundreds of organizations during his illustrious career. For a first-time sales manager or an ‘old salt’, the Sales Manager Survival Guide is an essential resource…one that should be on the desk for frequent access.” Jim Berryhill, CEO Decisionlink

“Dave is the wise, deeply experienced, and highly motivating coach you always wished you had. Now you do. Every page is packed with practical and specific advice to those entrusted with the critical role of front line sales manager. Whether you’re newly minted, or a veteran yourself, I promise that you’ll be smarter, better equipped, and more energized after spending some time with this pro among pros.” Richard Bravman, Principal, Coastal Ventures and former CEO and Vice Chairman, Symbol Technologies

“Selling is a true science and just as with science, it takes a lot of theory and practice to take it to the next level. Dave is one of those rare Masters that has done both and is also an outstanding coach. Working with him has been a defining moment in my career and I learned essential things that make selling as laser-focused as flying an aircraft: a mix of predictable events following a precise sequence and some real-time decisions to get to your goal. Dave puts sales people at the core of the process and gives them control of the sale. There has not been a day where I have not been using what he taught me in the last 15 years, as VP Sales of multiple Software companies, and now as a Venture Capitalist investing in many more! Remember: you’re always selling!” Romain Lavault, General Partner, Partech Ventures, Paris

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