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Sales Manager Survival Guide presents a number of tools to help sales leaders grow the capabilities of the organization and their teams.  Over time we will be adding to these, so make sure you keep coming back to check on the site.

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Sales Competency Starter Kit:  Clearly defining the expected behaviors, experiences, attitudes, skills, competencies for each role on your team is critical to driving performance.  This tool can be used for recruiting, on-boarding, and ongoing development.  We’ve identified this as a “starter kit.”  Adapt this to your own needs and the various roles in your organization.

Roles and Responsibilities Worksheets:  Often, particularly in large or fast growing organizations, roles and responsibilities become an issue.  Things start falling through the cracks or several people may be doing the same thing–all because the roles and responsibilities aren’t clearly defined.  This provides a tool to help you assess the various roles and responsibilities on your team and with the teams supporting you.

Sales Management Ecosystem:  This tool enables executives and leaders to look at each component of the sales function and organization.  There are five primary pillars:  Leadership Principles, Strategy, Business Management, Coaching, People.  As leaders look to driving change in the organization, this framework can be used to help prioritize change initiatives, as well as to understand the interaction between components.

Sales Manager Checklist/Self-Audit:  This is a comprehensive checklist covering all aspects of the sales manager’s job.  It is a great self assessment tool that managers can use to see where they are doing well and where they need to improve.  In using this tool, the first step is to adapt it to your own role, adding/deleting items based on their importance to the manager.


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